Saturday, December 31, 2011

Year in Review {2011}

I can't believe it is time again for a Year in Review post.  It seems like this year simply flew by.  I actually can't believe we're getting ready for 2012.... I've just gotten used to writing 2011 on all my exams!  

A lot has happened this year.... 


I welcomed 2011- a year that I believed would be full of change
I set my "24 in 12" list 
I ended a long distance relationship that broke my heart
I decided to try to go all natural
I battled a major snow blizzard 
I aimed to focus more on holistic health

I went to my last Semi-Formal in high school
I went to my last high school swim meet
I mourned the loss of two friend's fathers, and learned to appreciate my own

I celebrated my dad's birthday
The deadly earthquake and tsunami hit Japan....
.... And I think the entire blog world spoke up to support the country
I freaked out about prom
I spoke up more about yoga

My little sister turned 15
I headed to Florida for spring break
I saw Lady Gaga in concert
My sister had a major health scare

Our troops did something amazing
I celebrated a day for my Mama
I had my Senior Swim banquet
I went to the 2011 Yoga Journal Conference in NYC
I went to Senior Prom
I went on a date  {followed by many, many more}
I started work again

I gave my Senior Thesis presentation
My little sister had major heart surgery
I celebrated a day for my Daddy
I graduated from High School

I celebrated the fourth of July 
I went to a concert
I turned 18!

I broke up with summer boyfriend
I went to college during a hurricane 

I hurt my shoulder swimming

I got the flu

I celebrated my mom's birthday
I broke my foot

I returned to blogging
I went to florida to celebrate the holidays

It's been a good and bad year, but I'm really looking forward to having 2012 be an injury free one.
Here's to 2011 and bring on 2012!

Have a wonderful New Year's Eve! xo

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