Friday, May 13, 2011

Seniors 2011

Last night officially marked the countdown to graduation.  I had my senior swim banquet for my swim team.  I gave my speech and got my senior gifts.  It is something I have been looking forward to since I joined the team eleven years ago, so it was bittersweet.  But I'll still be at practice until I leave in August, so it's not quite so sad, yet.

Today was Day one of our senior prank day.  Let me say this- I think senior pranks can be hilarious.  Ours was no exception.  It started last night for half my grade.  They camped out all night.  I joined them around 6:30 AM and brought everyone coffee.  We took out some grills and started making egg and cheese sandwiches and blasting music.  It was hilarious seeing all the teachers faces as they drove onto campus!
Then, at about 10 AM, as all the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors were walking to the dining hall for break, we took out over 100 water balloons and 5 water guns and had a huge water balloon fight.  I'll admit, that was a little mean, and the principal was not happy- but it was absolutely hysterical as kids grabbed garbage bags to keep themselves dry.  They thought it was pretty funny too :)

Here are some pictures from the banquet and this morning's breakfast!

It's crazy how fast this year went.  Like I said, last night marks the last few weeks until I graduate in about a month.  Next week I have Senior Awards, Senior Skip Day, Prom, and last day of classes.
The week after is Days of Service.  Then is the first day of work, followed by Senior thesis presentations, and finally Senior dinner week and Graduation!
It's going to an absolutely insane next few weeks, but I can't wait.

Speaking of exciting things, tomorrow I'm going to NYC to participate in the Yoga Journal NY Conference.  I can't wait, and I've signed up for some very exciting classes/ lectures.  Are any of you going/ have you been?  
I'll be back with my experience!
Have a great weekend! xo


  1. Ooh, yay, WATER BALLOONS! Sounds awesome. ;) It looks like you had fun - thanks for sharing the photos! <3


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