Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow Day

This morning I woke up to no school and over a foot of snow on the ground.
Despite my best efforts to not post pictures of snow on here {simply do to the fact I'm more then sick of it}, I couldn't help but snap a few of the gorgeous trees today.  It just looked so peaceful.

Until my photo partner (Isabelle, my dog) decided to run down the street without her leash, which lead to  30 minute dog chase in my pajamas.  Back to reality, I guess.

If you're in the Northeast, enjoy your snow day and stay safe! 
If you're not {and anywhere warm}, then I'm extremely jealous.


  1. so cold!!!! so different from the weather here in california.

  2. i loooove this!! my brother was telling me all about it. a tree fell on his car! but he was okay. and ooh how badly i want a snow day.

  3. Awesome photos! Thanks for visiting my blog. :)


  4. Gorgeous oictures and blog!
    Following, I would love it if you'd follow me back!


  5. those photos are amazing what camera do you use


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