Monday, January 3, 2011

24 in 12 for 2011

I did this last year and I really enjoyed it.
It's different then new years resolutions, which I also do.
These are just simple, everyday goals that I would like to accomplish by the end of 2011.  I like putting these goals together because I like looking back half way through in July, and again in December to see how much I accomplished.
Some of these are the same or similar to last year's.  I think last year I had some good goals I'd like to continue.  Some are totally new and fit my current lifestyle.

1) Buy more handmade and vintage
I have so many things in my Etsy cart that have been sitting there forever because It's easier to order a necklace online from Anthropologie then from Etsy.  This year, I want to order more handmade things.
2)  Go to two concerts
This was my goal last year, and I accomplished it.  This year I also want to go to two concerts before I leave in the fall.  
3) Finish my travel journal.... so far
My travel journal is a place where I put pictures of places I want to go to in my life.  
4) Learn self defense
I went to a gun range in December.  I'd like to get some martial arts training in before I go to college.  I think it's a good idea to have some background in it, especially since you never know what situations you may end up in.
5) Learn to print my pictures on notecards/stationary
I've always wanted to do this!  That way, I can give cards that have MY photography on it, not others.
6) Travel!
Last year I traveled so much.  I know traveling is a huge blessing, but one of my goals is to travel, whether it simply be an hour away for a road trip or across the world.  So far, I have two huge trip proposals that I hope turn into definites!
7) Bake at least 2 times a month
I love baking, but it's not exactly easy to bake when juggling school, swimming, and friends.  But I want to make time at least 2 times a month to bake new recipes.  That is, until I go off to college in August and completely loose all access to a kitchen.
8) paint more outside of AP art class
I would love to create some unique paintings to hang in my dorm room.
9) go to at least 3 yoga classes a month
This a a huge priority of mine.  I want to go to at least three hot yoga class every month.
10) have a successful first season of college swimming
this is a big one.
11) develop my film camera pictures
I love film cameras, but for some reason I'm terrified of developing mine!  I want to spend a weekend figuring it out once and for all.
12)  focus more on what i'm putting into my body
More protein, less carbs please!
13) make someone smile AND laugh everyday
I like seeing people smile.
14) Drink more water and less coffee
Healthier mind and body.
15) Take more pictures outside of vacations
I seem to resort to my Iphone camera for pictures when I'm not on vacation.  I'd like to start taking my camera everywhere to prevent those "I wish I had a camera" moments.
16) Do something i'm scared of at least once a week
17) Drink tea every day
I like the way tea relaxes me and makes me feel.
18) run another half marathon and do a distance triathlon 
19)  spend more time with my family before i leave
20) meditate 
For me, this is so much harder then yoga.  I always feel great afterwards though.
21) call my grandmother every week
22) remember to say "i love you" to my family and friends
23) Add to my art collection
I want to develop a nice collection of prints before I head to college.
24) Put fear aside, and just live

While my new year has taken a bit of a speed bump, i'm determined to still believe that this year is going to bring hope!



  1. so good!! this is a great list! i really should make one.

  2. just realized i wasn't a follower. ha HOW did that happen?

  3. These are great resolutions! You can do anything you set your mind too lady :-)

    Happy Happy New Year!

  4. These are fantastic goals!

    Good luck :)


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