Tuesday, March 15, 2011


remember potential prom date?
yeah i got sorta rejected.
he said he "might have something going on that night".
yup, rejected.

and i shouldn't care.
i know he's one silly boy.
but ever since i broke up with summer boy in January,
I've kind of felt defeated.
I had a lot of feelings for Summer boy.  More then anyone else.
And it didn't end well.
And I hurt for a long time.
And finally, finally
I had this glimmer of hope.
And so I took a chance.
I went out of my comfort zone.
And I got rejected.
And it hurts.

And listen, I'm not low on confidence.  I was never the popular girl that had to have a new boyfriend every month.
But I have been defeated by so many people.
The guys I have dated have cheated on me because I wouldn't "give it up".
The girls I have been friends with have gone behind my back.
And now my one best friend is two hours away.  And as many times as I cry over the phone to her it's kind of hard to get a much needed hug from Delaware.

I need to graduate.
I need summer to come.
I need August to come where I can drive my two hours to my brand new school with my brand new swim team and brand new friends.
I need to start over.  
I need to start over now.

this isn't about getting rejected.
i don't care.
it happens.
there's no need to cry about it.
it's because lately,
with my best friend not here, i have been feeling really alone.
and being alone is the hardest thing.  


  1. Hey Jackie. I'm so sorry. :( But, I'm really impressed that you went out there and asked him. It's something I would of never done in HS. Speaking of HS, I had a hard senior year so I know what you are talking about. You are so close to being done and I promise you college will be much better! I found college life so much more easier than high school. The loneliness goes away. xoxo

  2. oh my dear Jackie! I know how you feel and it stinks. boys are lame. I want to graduate soon too. dont worry gradutation is on the horizon. I am not going to prom either. We are strong women, and dont need men. I hope you have a better day. !!!!
    much love

  3. Heyy Jackie... This post is extremely personal and thanks for sharing it with all your followers and readers!
    And rejecting is part of life and trust me, all the people who rejected you would one day feel like an idiot for their actions! (from my experience) - In my senior year in highschool (2009) one of my close friends asked me to prom in September and I agreed!
    But then a few months later he came up to me during lunch time (this happened in March) in front of all my friends he said he doesn't want to go with me to prom and the takes back the offer - oh man was I ever disappointed, embarrassed and felt rejected! I felt awful, but then I try to act casual and said fine! And then I found out he left me for another girl and he wanted her to be his prom date. Well,on the day of prom - his girlfriend broke up with him and he ended up date less and as for me - I went by with my girlfriends and it ended up to one of the best experience I ever had in highschool. Also, small tip - going to prom without a day means you are free to do and dance with who ever you want! Also, the boy who rejected me - said sorry and apologized for his actions (the next week) and he said he really rejects his action and ask me on a date! (And my answer was no) But it felt good! and from this incident it made me so much more stronger and braver than I was before!
    SO... don't feel bad about rejection and it all part of life - and like i mentioned before one day he will reject his actions!
    Well take care and hope you feel better!
    And sorry for the very long comment!
    My Lyfe ; My Story

  4. Ughh, what crap. I don't want to be that girl who says "Don't feel bad! It's okay!" Listen, I totally get feeling a little crappy over it. Feel it & then MOVE ON, honey bunny! Right now, yeah... it sucks. But in a year, a month...maybe even a week? You won't give a flying hoot.

    I'm going to tell you something that older people aren't necessarily supposed to tell younger people who are about to go to their Senior Prom, but I'm making an exception. Here goes: It's not all it's cracked up to be. It gets hyped up your entire life & then it gets there and it's not near as fun as the rest of the dances. I've talked to so many people about this & they've all agreed. So look... grab a guy friend, grab a group of chicks, (anyone who you can just be carefree and have the best time you can with)& go make it a good one! Don't put so much pressure on it so that you can actually enjoy yourself! :)


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