Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Caroline!

Today is my little sister's 15th birthday!
I can't believe she's already 15.  Even though we're only 3 years apart, I still think of her as my baby sister!
She's honestly the best sister ever.
She puts up with my crazy behavior, listens to my (terrible) singing in the car everyday, and is comforting whenever I'm upset.
She's the world's best listener and sometimes I forget I'm the older one!  She's so mature for her age!

So happy birthday Caroline!
I'm so happy you're my sister and I hope you had the most spectacular birthday yet!
love you!

Circa late 90s 
Turkey, 2010
Circa 2007 or 2008

Hawaii, 2009

Hawaii, 2009
Greece, 2010
Greece, 2010

Isn't she absolutely gorgeous, too?  
I'm going to miss her very much next year!


  1. I AM so jealous of your trips. I want to go to Greece. AH! You look so beautiful in all of these photos. I love how fit you look!

  2. oh my GOSH, that photo of you as children is SO ADORABLE.

    also, i liked your comment on my blog about turkey! it's so cool that you guys went there - it's such an unlikely place, as you said. i really wanna make it happen, eventually!

  3. Aww super cute. I love sister love!


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