Friday, April 8, 2011

Spring Break Essentials

Hi everyone!  I'm in Florida right now for Spring Break.  I'm so happy to be in the warmth, where it is 80 degrees and sunny!  
I'll be here for the next two weeks, minus a brief two day trip back to the Northeast for my Accepted Students Day at college.  
I'm excited to spent a lot of time with my family {including my Grandma and Uncle who live down here}, go to the beach and play in the ocean, do lots of yoga, eat yummy food, and possibly go for a run or two.
What's really nice about my trips to Florida {I go twice a year}, is it doesn't feel like just any vacation because it's my second home.  I have a house down here, so I get a comfy bed and homey feel.  I eat at local places where the staff remembers us from childhood, go to the same yoga studio every time I'm here, and know exactly where all the good stores are.
It's the best of both being home and being on vacation!

Since Spring Break is here for many of you and/or many of you are experiencing warmer weather right now, I thought I'd share some of my Spring Break essentials.  Everything from flowing clothing to all natural beauty products.

{From Left, Clockwise}

1. Light tank-  I love these light, flowing tanks from JCrew.  They come in an assortment of colors and can be thrown on with jeans, shorts, or a skirt.  They're perfect for lunch, the beach, a trip shopping, or a long plan ride!  Plus, they're on sale for less then $20!
2.  Slouchy Shorts-  Like the boyfriend jean, these JCrew shorts are perfect for that laid back vibe.  I love the light denim color, and I think they'd look amazing with a tan.
3.  Bright Bikini:  Bright colors are totally IN this season, and what better way to take advantage of them then through a cute bikini top?  I love this JCrew vintage inspired one.
4.  Cute Sundress:  Sundresses are the best vacation outfit ever.  They are easy to throw on over a bathing suit, and making accessorizing simple.  I love this Target one, not only because it's cheap, but because the fit is flattering and the stripes are eye catching.
5.  Mismatched Bottoms:  This is to go with the bikini top.  Instead of buying a top and bottom in the same color, try mismatching them.  I purchased two tops, one in the magenta and one in turquoise, and three bottoms, magenta, turquoise, and this yellow.  Mixing the colors up gives a fresh take on the classic swimsuit.
6. Moisturizing Lotion:  Every beach babe is bound to get sunburnt somewhere, even when she puts on enough sunscreen.  I use Banana Boat religiously at home for dry skin, so the added aloe makes this brand the perfect choice for post-shower moisturizing.
7.  Flowing Skirt:  I've been skeptical about the maxi dress/ skirt trend, but wanted to try it.  I love this Anthropologie pick because it's comfortable and flattering in all the right places.  The navy options means you have unlimited possibilities on the top.
8.  Easy Hair:  Vacations in the sun mean no blow dryer or straightener.  It's all about natural waves to go perfectly with sun kissed skin.  I love the way my hair looks coming out of the ocean, so this is the perfect way to get my hair to look that way no matter what my plans are that day.
9.  Wonderful Mascara:  Mascara {and the occasional cover up} is that extent of my vacation makeup, so I make sure to make it one that will compliment my eyes.  I love the Givenchy option because it doesn't clump, and stays on all day with no flakes.
10.  Bright Beads:  Bright beads are the perfect accessory to either a flowing sundress or plain T-shirt.  These beads are made of paper, and benefit artists in Rwanda.  They're created by the Bluma Project and  are sold at Anthropologie.
11.  Patterned Bag:  I have one from Lucky Brand thats embroidered and it's my favorite vacation bag because it adds a pop of color to every outfit.  It's no longer sold, so this is another great beach bag pick.  

What are your vacation essentials?

So far, vacation is great.  We had a great dinner tonight. I love getting to see my Grandma and Uncle.  
Tomorrow we're waking up at 5:20 (!} to head to Miami to do the ocean 2.4 mile swim.  I'm a bundle of nerves, but I'm also excited to spend that hourish in the ocean.  After, we plan on spending the day in Miami.  I can't wait :)

Have a great night! xo


  1. i've added slouchy shorts and that easy hair to my must-havs :)

    have fun under the sun! x

  2. jealous you're on the beach right now!

    oh and i REALLY want the purple/yellow suit you listed. i'm a big fan of mismatch-ment.


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