Sunday, April 10, 2011

Style Story Sundays- Number 27; Breezy Dress

Both yesterday and today have been absolutely lovely.
The swim yesterday morning went great.  It was early, long, and exhausting, but it was a good experience. I did get stung by quite a few jellyfish though.  Especially on my stomach.  And boobs.  It itches.  This is awkward.
Anyway, today I woke up to try a new hot yoga place across the street from me.  Whenever I'm down here, I always go to the same hot yoga studio.  Well, one of my favorite teachers there {she plays Beyonce to get you motivated in Warrior Two- how could you not love her} opened up her own studio.  I went to try it today and loved it!  It wasn't her class, but it was still amazing, although I was quite tight from the swim yesterday.  She is teaching a class tomorrow morning that I plan on going to.

After yoga I spent the entire day on the beach.  It made me realize how much I miss summer and how much happier I am in the warmth and sun.  
Then, we went out to a fancy dinner to celebrate my sister's birthday, which was on Wednesday.
This is what I wore:

{top with my hair dry, bottom after I took a shower}

{sorry for the bad lighting.  i had a little trouble with that.}

Dress:  Gypsy 05
Shoes:  Sam Edelman
Bag:  Anthropologie {gift}
Necklace:  Free People
Ring {left}: Quicksilver Jewelry 
Ring {middle}:  little shop in Athens, Greece
Ring {right}: passed down from my Mom

This was the first time I wore this dress, and I love it.  Gypsy 05 is an online company {although they sell in some stores} that focuses on a rich die process, which is evident in this dress.  I love the tie dye style, and it's perfect for hot nights like tonight was {it was almost 95 all day!}.  I paired it with my favorite necklace from Free People, and these Sam Edelman shoes.  I love them because they are gladiators, yet they don't have a lot of bling.  They're just simple.  The bag was a gift from my parents a few years ago.  The navy color is great because I personally think it goes with anything.  The rings are some of my favorites.  I've spoken a lot in my Style Story Sunday posts about Quicksilver, and this is a new one for me.  The middle one is from a small shop in Athens, and the right one is from my mom.  I wear this one a lot.

Have a great Sunday night everyone! xo

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  1. cute outfit!
    how terrible about the jellyfish stings! OUCH!


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