Saturday, January 1, 2011


Early this morning, as the clock struck 12:00, I couldn't help but feel this overwhelming sense of change come around me.
Never before have I experienced such a dramatic sense of power come through my body.
It was like I was filled with this rush of excitement over all the new possibilities this year has to offer.

I love New Year's for this reason.  During the year, sometimes I fall into a rut.  I think we all do, but this rut becomes a constant stream of emotions.  And while I try, sometimes it's hard to break a pattern that I grow accustomed to throughout a year.

But a new year means a whole new ballpark.  Everything is different.  It's the perfect time to say goodbye to anything that's bothering you, and just focus on everything that life has to offer.  A new year means a world of possibilities.

For me, 2009 was a year of trouble and hardship and darkness.  
And for all of that, 2010 was a year of light and growing up and believing in good.
2011 is the year of change for me.  It's the year of experience and hope.

2011 is the year I graduate.
It's my last 5 months of high school.
My last year with my friends.
My last year in my home.
This is the year I'm moving away for the first time ever.
I'm starting a new life this year.
And while it's a little scary, the new year has me embracing it 100%.

I don't want to do resolutions this year.  I feel that sometimes they hold me back.  They become a checklist of things I have to complete, and when I don't complete them it can bring me to a negative place.
Instead, I found a mantra that I think relates to 2011 for me.  Anytime I'm doing something, I can recite, repeat, and believe that this mantra is unique to what I'm doing.  It will never hold me back, bring me down, or bring negative energy, but instead will encourage me to focus on my goals.

Just for Today

That's it.  That's what I am focusing on this year.  To just focus on today.  With all the change I have coming, I need to focus on today.  right now.  living in the moment because it's all going to be different soon.

Happy New Year everyone!


  1. love this post girlfriend. We are in the same boat... however kinda of different at the same time... I too graduate in 5 months (just college not hs) and move to another place where I am scared and unsure... We can do this though... :) Heres to 2011!


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