Wednesday, April 20, 2011

{Recipe} Honey Granola

First off, thank you thank you to all my twitter friends who prayed for my family today.
If you follow me on twitter, you know my sister had a health scare late this morning.
We were swimming laps when she got out of the pool to take her inhaler.
We both have exercise induced asthma, but her's is more severe then mine.
Next thing we all new, she had fainted and it looked like she was having a seizure.
There's nothing scarier- nothing- then seeing someone you love go through something terrible.
It only lasted maybe 10 seconds, but it was terrifying.
We brought her to the ER and luckily my Uncle is the Head of the ER there, so we were seen immediately.
They ran tests, and she's fine, but is going to be seen by some doctors when we go home to NJ.
The doctors at the hospital said it could have just been dehydration that made her faint, and said that although it could have been a seizure, it most likely was just fainting and that sometimes fainting spells can have seizure-like movement.
All, in all, we're counting our blessings right now and I am so thankful that she is okay!  

Second, a big hello to all my new followers!  Thanks for stopping by and be sure to leave a comment with your blog/website so I can check you out :)

I pretty much have a list of recipes I've made in the past few weeks, so I figured it's time to start sharing!
I love Danielle's blog- she has a pet parrot, makes her own jewelry out of bullet shells that she shoots herself, and enjoys afternoons spent jumping on her trampoline.  How cool is she?
She posted a homemade granola recipe on her blog a few months ago and I HAD to make it.  
It turned out amazing!

Honey Granola

2 cups whole rolled oats
1/4 cup honey (I used a little extra- I Love honey)
about 1/8 cup olive oil
pinch of salt
1 tsp (and extra) brown sugar
1 tsp (and extra) cinnamon
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Mix it up and spread it on a baking sheet. Bake for 10-11 minutes!!
You can mix in fruit or nuts as you wish.

Enjoy! xo


  1. Oh my! I'm glad your sister is ok. That is super scary!

    Yummm, honey granola. Putting that on my list of things to do when I graduate.

  2. Oh goodness! I'm so glad your sister is okay! I know I have a problem with passing out and just seeing my loved ones faces when I would come to is so scary.

    The granola on the other hand, looks delicious.

    -- Saw you on Nicole's blog! I may or may not have stalked you a little! Enjoy senior year! It was my favorite.

  3. hope your sister is doing better. the granola looks great!

  4. aww hun im so sorry i didn't see this on twitter yesterday. i'm praying for your sister and for you. i'm glad everyone is ok. and this looks delicious.. it's making me feel guilty about my mcdonalds breakfast sitting next to me:) have a wonderful weekend pretty girl!


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