Friday, April 15, 2011

Scenes From Florida, Part One

The past week in Florida has been so incredibly relaxing.  I've gone to yoga three times this week {which has been perfect}, eaten amazing, healthy foods, gotten a nice suntan, played in the ocean, spent time with my family, had a lovely spa day, and gone to an incredible concert.

Here are some photographs that I took on my IPhone this past week 
{I have more photos coming next week}
Yummy chips and salsa
A trip to Rocco's Tacos for lunch
Ice tea in Mason Jars at, where else?, The Mason Jar Cafe
Pre Lady Gaga- we didn't dress up, but there were plenty who did

This is just one example of the crazy costumes we saw


Let me just say this:  aside from acoustic concerts, Lady Gaga was by far, hands down the BEST concert I've ever seen.  The entire show lasted two hours and we were dancing and singing the entire time.  Say what you want about the way she dresses, but she didn't lip sync ONCE and she danced the entire time.  I don't know of many pop artists that sing live and dance.  I give her a ton of credit for that.  Girl has a ton of endurance and looked amazing!  Plus, I love how her music has meaning.  A lot of concerts I go to involve the artist saying very little to the audience.  Gaga took 10 minute breaks to speak to the audience about her experience being bullied.   Some may say she was trying to gain attention, but as someone who has been bullied before, I can tell you NO ONE can speak like that unless it's from the heart.
Aside from that, she also spoke about love and acceptance and that really spoke to me.  I don't know if I have mentioned this, but I have always been taught to love anyone no matter what race, religion, sexual orientation, or weight they are.  My uncle, who is gay, has always told me about the difficulties he faced his entire life.  Being around him and his friends taught me from early on that there is no difference between someone who is gay and someone who is straight.  They have the same feelings and the same ability to love as anyone else.  It pains me so much when someone makes a gay slur or speaks about not liking someone who has a different sexual orientation.  I only hope one day to see a world where we all accept each other.  That being said, Gaga has a strong love for everyone, and spoke out about accepting everyone.  $20,000 was donated to a teen center for those who are gay, bisexual, lesbian, or transgendered.  She also spoke about following your dreams.
I think she is someone that people can look up to.  I know she gets a lot of slack for her costumes and she has many haters out there, but I think that's the problem with today's society.  You have every right to dislike her music.  But disliking her music and disliker her and her beliefs are two different things.
Sorry for the rant.  Moving on....

My trip is not over.  I'm still here until next Saturday, so I have plenty of relaxing to do.  However, I'm off to NJ and then Pennsylvania for the weekend.  My Mom and I are heading back up tomorrow morning, and then driving to PA Sunday morning for my Accepted Students Day at college.  I'm nervous to meet everyone, but excited at the same time.  Then, it'll be back here to Florida on Sunday night.
I've already scheduled Style Story Sunday to post on Sunday, but other then that I won't be around.  
Have a great weekend! xo

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