Sunday, April 17, 2011

Style Story Sundays- Number 28; Little Black Dress

Hiya all!
It's currently Friday night and I'm writing this instead of packing for the weekend back home in NJ/PA.  
Although technically I won't be in my home. But I guess since I'm visiting my college that makes it my home since I'll be living there for 4 years right?  Scary thought.  Anyway, I'm setting this on automated posting, so if this ends up posting on a Saturday, my apologizes.
Being in the heat means dressing like I'm wearing nothing.
That didn't come out right.
What I mean, is dressing in outfits that are light and airy and are comfortable.
There we go!
This can be easy in the day when all I have to do is through on a bikini, or shorts and a t-shirt, but at night it gets a little bit trickier.  Going out to a nice dinner and wearing light clothing can be a challenge.
That's why I love love love this jersey dress because a) it looks fancy {and it's not} and b) it looks expensive {and it's not.  well, not really.}.  

Here's what I wore

Dress:  Splendid {Mom's Closet}
Sweater: JCrew
Shoes: Rafe New York {on sale!}
Bag: Anthropologie {gift}
Necklace: From Greece

This is my version of a summer LBD.   It's not heavy, it stretches, is airy, is extremely comfortable, and somehow still manages to be incredibly flattering, which I don't get.  This is the miracle dress.  I swear, no matter what you eat and how big your food baby is {twins! triplets!} it still makes you look like Heidi, Giselle, Miranda, you name it.  Okay maybe not Giselle.  But is that girl even human?  Anyway, I love the colors I paired with this LBD.  The bright sweater made the dress pop, but adding the pink shoes and blue necklace made me look less like a bumble bee.  

What's your miracle outfit?  xo


  1. Cute cute cute style! You're lucky you have fashion sense so young!

  2. soo cute. love it with the cardi, necklace, bag.

  3. I love your purse!! Such a cute outfit :o) Your dress is beautiful, too! I have a dress... a black summer one that I love! It is sleeveless, and I always tie a white ribbon in a bow around my waist when I wear it. It is my boyfriend's favorite on me, too. Bonus!


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