Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Things I Love

{From Top left, clockwise}

{From Top left, clockwise}

{From Top left, clockwise}

These are my favorite photographs from Pinterest.  I'm absolutely loving them this week, and using them as inspiration.
What's inspiring you this week?


  1. Thank your for your sweet, useful comment haha!! I've never tried a herbal sleeping pill but I'm so tempted now. But what if I don't wake up when we land?! The thought alone would probably keep me up the whole ride, sleeping pill or not.

    And I see you've been to Greece-- is is amazing?? I'm planning on going with my boyfriend later in the summer but neither of us have been and I'm sort of looking around for people who might have recommendations??!

    Italy is faaaabulous. You're going to have such an incredible time. Seriously, eat too much gelato, flirt with dark handsome men and ride a vespa. Just soak it in!! xo

  2. I love elephants! Cannot wait to get my elephant tattoo!



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