Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dear Dad

Thank you for cheering me on no matter what I'm doing.
Thank you for finding the time to help me with whatever i need help with.
Thank you for helping me change ink cartridges in my printer, because i still have trouble with it.
Thank you for buying me powdered sugar at the last minute when i forget i really need it.
Thank you for coming to every single swim meet, cross country race, and school event in the past 17 years.
Thank you for pushing me to be the best person i can be.
Thank you for saying that sweet speech at my graduation dinner the other night.
It meant a lot.

I love you Dad!
Happy Father's Day.


*A very happy father's day to my grandfathers as well.  I wouldn't have such great parents without them.  Pop, I really miss you.

P.S Yes I graduated!  It's been pretty hectic the last few days, and it will continue to be as my family is in town and as I start work full time this week.  Not to worry, I have a few awesome guest posters lined up, plus I'll stop in with some graduation pictures.


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