Sunday, May 22, 2011

Style Story Sundays- Number 32: Prom

Special Prom Feature!

This past Friday was my Senior prom.  
It was especially special to me because I planned this thing top to bottom.
It's kind of funny how I spent so much time stressing out about it and then that one night happened and it was over!
But it was so worth it.
Initially I didn't think I was going to even go to prom.
I didn't have a date and was fed up with a few things going on at the time.
Then my friend asked me to go with him, and then those few things I was fed up with cleared up.
I'm so glad I went.
It was fun getting all dressed up and slipping on a pretty dress.
I kind of felt like Cinderella for the night.

Afterwards we went back to my friends house for the Post-Prom party.  I swear I slept maybe an hour the entire night, so I was completely exhausted yesterday, but it was very worth it.

Here is what I wore to Prom!

Dress: Nicole Miller
Necklace: JCrew
Shoes (Not Pictured): Kate Spade
Clutch: Lauren Merkin (borrowed from Mom)

Special Thanks:
Hair and Nails: Milagro Spa, Red Bank
Makeup: Bobbi Brown Counter at Blue Mercury, Shrewsbury
Tailoring: My Mother

So this was my prom look.  I knew right away when I saw this dress that it was "the one".  The color is absolutely stunning in my mind.  I knew right away I wanted to keep everything pretty natural and beachy.  I wanted to keep my hair down, but I love how my stylist pulled half of it back and twisted it.  It kept things a little more special since it was a special occasion.  I knew that since my dress was so formal and simple, that I wanted a more funky necklace.  I found this one at JCrew (you can see a better picture here) and I love how it looked like a sun a pulled the dress together!  The shoes were from Prom last year and the clutch is my mom's.  

The night was really special, but also because my friend Meghan came home for Prom.  She's been going to school with us FOREVER, but her dad got transferred to Switzerland in November and she's been there ever since.  She loves her new European life (she's in Jersey this weekend, but next weekend she's in London, and then Africa.  Jealous?  I am.), but we were happy she got to celebrate prom with all of us!

How was your weekend?  Do anything exciting?


  1. i like the color too! and i love the pink sparkly to yours, it's my fav :)

  2. your dress is perfection! absolutely awesome. you look stunning, dear girl!

  3. Your outfit is lovely! I absolutely LOVE the color of your dress, it's GORGEOUS. :) It looks and sounds like you and your friends had a fantastic time! :) I'm homeschooled, so I don't have a prom quite like that, but every year some homeschool parents put on a homeschool dance, which we call our prom. Only it's yearly and you can go from age 11 to age 19! Anyway, it's coming up in a few weeks and I'm SUPER excited. I look forward to it year round - I get to dance with my friends, dress up, and stay up "late" (meaning eleven or twelve at night... what can I say, I usually go to bed at nine! ;)

    Anyway, I hope you had a great time and made some awesome memories! <3

  4. you're gorgeous!! i love love love your dress:)

  5. Love your dress! Great color on you. You and your friends look so pretty!!

  6. So pretty. I had such a blast at my senior prom! I loveddd it!

  7. you look so beautiful; i love the color of your dress & your hair is amazing!



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