Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Burning House

I posted this on Twitter the other day, and it is officially my new blog obsession.
The Burning House asks the question, if your house was on fire, what would you take?
I know they ask this question a lot in grade school, but I don't think we truly ever focus on it.
Our family and our pets are the obvious answers, but what else?
What is sentimental to you and can't be replaced?
Besides my family and dog, I'd probably go for my IPhone, some of my more sentimental jewelry, photographs from when i was younger, and my card collection.

I'd love to one day capture my own image showing what is special to me.
In the meantime, here are my favorite images from The Burning House.

Check it out!
I'll be back later tonight to discuss my weekend! xo

*All names are linked to their personal blogs, as stated on The Burning House.
Go to The Burning House to see a description of each item.

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  1. That's a neat idea, to take a photo of what you'd take. :) It's hard to know what you'd take, but I think for me I'd want all my old writings. I could replace my iPod, I could replace my clothes, I could even replace (most of) my books (except the signed copy of Marion Blumenthal Lazan's Holocaust memoir). I could replace my computer (though not my photos, so I'd want to grab my USB storage device).

    But I couldn't replace my old journals, or the novels I've written, or my poems. So I'd want to grab those. And the stuffed animals I've had since I was a baby.

    Neat post!


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