Tuesday, May 17, 2011



{I've had this saved for awhile now.  I remember having a terrible night and just wishing something would make me feel better.  Writing seems to always do the trick, doesn't it?}

Ever since I was little, when I was upset and crying, when the tears poured down my face, I would climb into the shower.
I chose to seek solace in the warm water, which ran down my face like raindrops.  
I would stand under the shower head for what seemed like hours.
Maybe it had to do with my years of being a swimmer, being emerged in the water.
Maybe it had to do with the comfort that water seemed to bring to me.
Whatever it was, to this day, I still go into the shower to let the tears flow.

I used to think the reason I did it was because I liked the gentle feeling of the water against my skin.
That the soft hum of the shower, the drops against the tile, and way it hit my skin brought a glimmer of joy.
I used to think the steam could wash away the problems.

But one day I realized the true reason I sought the shower for comfort when the storm in my life brewed.
I went to the shower because, for those 10 minutes or so, the stream of water hitting my face made everything okay.
The stream of water mixed with my tears and made me forget that I was crying; that everything was not okay.


  1. OH my goodness, I do the same thing. It's my comfort place when I'm upset. Almost as if I'm hiding from the world for a brief moment..

  2. awwww... I think I might have done that too, but I think I cried in the shower because I believed that no one could hear me sobbing when I had the shower on full blast.

  3. I read in a book once that when you're upset, you should take a shower and pretend the water is washing away the negativity. It sounds like what you do...

    I like that little piece, you're good at writing! <3


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