Saturday, January 15, 2011

Going All Natural- My Top Earth Friendly Beauty products

A few people have emailed me about my beauty regime.  Let me clarify something- I don't really have one.
I mean I do.  But it's full of simple things that don't exactly make one glamorous.
They're more necessities. 

The thing is, I rarely wear makeup.  I'll do mascara when I go out with friends.  Maybe some black eyeliner if I'm feelings daring.  I'll wear coverup when I have a major pimple or red spot that has to be covered.
But I go fresh-faced to school and to work everyday.  And normally when I go out too {unless I'm really daring and wear red lipstick}.
I think my lack of makeup has more to do with laziness.  I use to do the whole big thing.... but that took too long in the morning and I honestly hated the way my skin felt after putting on the coverup and foundation.
The only time I will wear foundation and blush or anything is for prom or something to that extent.

So I consider my beauty regime all of the lotions and daily potions I use on my face, skin, and body.
I recently began using more eco-friendly or all natural products and I have to say the difference is huge.
I have less breakouts and my hair is shiny and soft.  It has to do with my new years resolution of less processed foods, more water, more yoga, and more attention to my health.
I thought I'd share some of my daily, necessary all-natural, organic, eco-friendly, or just plain good for you products.

{From left, clockwise}

1.  Naturopathica Holistic Health Cleansing Cream
I first found this brand a few years ago in Hawaii.  It's super expensive, but I got it on sale and it last's forever because you only need a little.  It's by far the best cleanser I've ever used, and I have tried a ton because of my sensitive, dry skin.  
2.  Avalon Organics Lavender Body Lotion
I love this body lotion because it's not too heavy, but it's just enough to leave your skin smooth and not dry.  It's especially great in the winter when my legs get so dry it's uncomfortable.
3.  Tom's of Maine Toothpaste
I'm a recent converter to the Tom's products.  I use to use Crest toothpaste, but I felt a little weird putting so many unheard of chemicals into my mouth.  Tom's has all that anti-plaque fighting agents that is necessary, but without the chemical taste.  Plus, to be honest, my teeth have never felt this clean or looked this white with Crest before.
4.  Alba Sea Moss Moisturizer 
This is also a new product I just tried, but I love it.  I use it right after I shower, and it's perfect for my super dry face.  Plus, it has SPF 15 for mornings when I need to go out, and the Sea Moss scent keeps it light and airy.
5.  Boscia Willow Bark To-Go Breakout Treatment
I love, love, love this.  I got it last year, and it's amazing how fast pimples disappear with it.  They say willow bark is incredibly helpful and clearing pimples, but this is great at clearing up red spots from irritation too.  I swear, I had a pimple the other day, and I put it on while cleaning my room, and within two hours my pimple was gone!
6.  Kiss My Face Cold and Flu Body Wash
I don't have a cold, or the flu, but I got this when I did, and I love it so much I still use it.  It has that vapor rub-like scent, which completely clears your sinuses.  I always have a stuffed up nose in the winter, so this is great.  Plus it leaves my skin feeling super refreshed and energized.  
7.  Tom's of Maine Lavender Deodorant 
This is another product of Tom's that I love.  The scent stays on all day, and it really does help against odor.  

{From Bottom Left, Clockwise}

1 and 2. TRESemme Naturals Shampoo and Conditioner
I actually alternate between a variety of shampoos and conditioners, but this is what I'm using now.  It's the same high-quality that TRESemme is known for, but all-natural, so it doesn't leave your hair weighed down. 
3.  TIGI Love, Peace, and the Planet Cherry Almond Texturizer 
I could be this products number one spokesperson.  My sister could be too.  I have naturally wavy hair, but my waves can get frizzy or flat depending on the day without a little boost from a product.  I have tried every single gel, mousse, texturizer product under the sun, but I love this because it really does make my hair perfectly wavy.
4.  Moroccan Oil
This is another must product for me.  It makes my hair super smooth and shiny, which i need so badly since I'm a swimmer who is in chlorine for at least 12 hours a week.

So there you go!  All of my favorite all natural or organic products.  It seems like a lot, but these are just my daily basics.  I tend to live by the rule that if it makes your skin itch or burn, or if it is an unnatural color or fragrance, you probably shouldn't use it on your body.  I recently threw out a ton of old makeup and body lotions, and was so surprised at just how bad this stuff is for you.  

I'm off to go swim {again- seriously my body hurts} and study for midterms. 

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  1. What a great post! I realice I need to be a little more eco friendly in my everyday products:)
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