Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sista, Sista

I've talked a lot about my younger sister, Caroline, here on the blog.

She's 15, and isn't she a stunner?
I think she's gorgeous!!

She's also funny, ridiculously smart, and full of love.

Being 3 years apart, we have our moment of fighting, but we're also best friends and have some of the best memories with each other.

A few weeks ago I talked about how she had a heart problem that needed surgery.
It's not major, but they do need to cut into her groin, insert a catheter into her vein, and bring it up to the heart so they can shock it.
Typing it out it sounds pretty major to me, but the doctor promised it's done frequently and she was in good hands.

Tomorrow we're going to Philadelphia and on Friday she'll have the procedure.
Obviously I'm nervous for her and praying that everything goes perfectly smooth.
I would appreciate if all of you kind blog friends would keep her in your thoughts and prayers over the next few days as she has her surgery and recovers.

Isn't it funny that how when you need surgery it's not scary at all, but when a loved one does it seems like the most frightening thing in the world?

I'll be back over the weekend with an update! xo


  1. definitely praying for her. i know if it was my brother i'd be so protective over him and so worried even though it sounds like everything will be just fine, which im sure it will:)

  2. Sending good thoughts! I hope all goes well and I'm sure your being there will make it better!


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