Saturday, May 12, 2012

goodbye, Ev

(Everett and my two best friends Kat and Kate)

it's amazing how people you've only known for a year can impact your life.  today was a huge reminder for me about just how meaningful people can be.

today we said goodbye to my good friend Everett.  in case you missed my last two posts (here and here), he died a week ago today on his 19th birthday.  it's been one of the hardest weeks of my life and even now I can't stop crying.  I don't know when I'll be able to stop.

i was shocked (but I shouldn't have been) at the number of people at the funeral today.
the entire main street in front of the church and multiple side streets were blocked off.
the line to get in wrapped around two blocks.

Everett, in case you can somehow read this, five thousand people showed up to your funeral today.
five thousand.

i've never seen anything like it.  but it made so much sense.  Ev was the kind of person who was nice to everyone.  He was everyone's role model and I'm not kidding when I say he accomplished more in 19 years then most people ever will.

he was that amazing.

he'll really never be forgotten and I promise to live each day to my fullest because of him.
life really is too short.  this never should have happened.
Ev should really still be alive, but I know he's being the best angel in heaven right now.  

(please take a look at this link to see just how much he meant to all of us) 

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