Monday, October 25, 2010


ever since this post, i've been thinking a lot about being fearless.
when i say fearless, i don't mean the kind of fearless where you have absolutely no fear 
let's be honest, we all have at least some fear when we do things.
but the whole thing in my mind about being a fearless person is knowing when to not let fear get in the way of an adventure.
being fearless, independent, and spontaneous is something i love about myself.
i'll admit, my decisions aren't always rational, but i've had so much fun with them that it has been worth it.
{i promise, i'm not someone who does unsafe things.  just fun ones}

i consider myself fearless because:

i've randomly gone white water rafting in canada
i've gone scuba diving with barely any training in hawaii
i've ziplined in upstate new york and in costa rica
i've explored multiple countries with no knowledge of the language
i went to france for two weeks without my family and with no prior experience traveling without them

but there are so many fearless things i want to do before i go off to college next year.
and sure, i'll be doing plenty of fearless things in college, but there are some that must be done before then

here's my fearless before college list:

1) on my 18th birthday, go skydiving 
2) on my 18th birthday, get a tattoo
3) go one one more trip alone {even if it's just an hour away}
4) go road tripping
5) treat my family to something really special for everything they have given me

 my idea of fearless isn't doing something without fear
let's be honest, when i go skydiving i'm going to be crying out of fear
but i think being fearless is doing something you want to do and not letting fear keep you from doing that
that's what i strive to do everyday
i always try to think "will i regret not doing this?  am i just not doing this because i am scared?"
and if so, I do it anyway.

everyday should be a new adventure.
i believe in always doing something you're afraid of everyday

whether it's as simple as trying a new food or as grand as telling someone you're in love with them
why not?

life's too short to constantly let fear hold me back.
there's way too much to see of this world to let fear get in the way.

what have you done that's fearless lately?


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  1. This is a beautiful post! I would get in the car and take off on a cross country road trip! Not worrying about money or all that I've left behind.


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