Tuesday, October 26, 2010

fall happy list

i am happy about and loving:

*pumpkin spice lattes
* pumpkin scones
*all the leaves being different colors
*the way the sun hits the river by my house
*how its 70 degrees and almost november 
*the fact that it's almost my favorite season of all time
*the christmas lights I have strung around my bed
*the fact that I got a new babysitting job- can't wait to meet the family this weekend!
*captain crunch cereal
* my two new vintage dresses hanging in my closet
*the fact that in 4 weeks both the boy and the bestie come home- i haven't seen them both since august!
*my mom's home-made dinners every night
*taco wednesday tomorrow
*new music 
*nights spent doing art sketches while watching my favorite shows
*my dogs ability to always know when i am upset
*kind almond apricot bars
*smiles from strangers
*happy emails
*thank you's
*this free music site which has all my favorite music- thanks kelly ann!
*making florida vacation plans for december
*red lipstick

what is making you happy this week?

*this and this is not making me too happy though.  let's keep them all in our prayers


  1. thanks for introducing me to downplayer, hadnt heard of it before, its great!! Yey for being cheerful about fall :D

  2. Love free music sites! Love this list :)

  3. that's a lovely little list :)
    i am happy it is almost time to celebrate halloween- i am doing so at a party saturday night.
    and that this paper is almost off my hands forever!!!


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