Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Chinese Version of Love Actually

last night, i watched one of the cutest movies ever.
and not in a cheesy, wow this is cute kind of way.
it was more like a wow this makes me really happy kind of way.

anyway, let's forget that it was a saturday night and i was at home watching a movie, okay?
in my defense I had a swim meet and got home late.
and sometimes i really like spending my nights curled up in bed watching a movie.

the movie is called Hot Summer Days
and it's in chinese.
don't worry, it has subtitles!
i've always loved indie movies and  foreign films.
this combines the best of both.

it's very similar to New York, I Love You and Love Actually in the way that if follows several relationships and shows them falling in love.
I have plans to watch Paris, I love you, but I can't find it on iTunes where I normally rent my movies.
luckily, this one was so perfect.
i highly recommend this movie.
even though subtitles may be a turn off to some, it's well worth all the reading.
i fell in love with some of the characters!
rent it, you won't be disappointed!

what are some of your favorite foreign films?
*google image search

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  1. I don't mind subtitles at all, I'm downloading this movie right now! Love Actually was a great film, so I'm looking forward to this so much. One of my favorite shows + movies EVER is a Japanese live action series called "Nodame Cantabile" it's so adorable.

    P.S. Thank you for the lovely comment!


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