Saturday, September 18, 2010

September Music Playlist

i know i'm super late on this (again) but better late then never!
for now on, i'll try my best to post this at the beginning of each month

September Playlist

Uncharted    Sara Bareilles 
Scissor Runner   Jenny and Johnny
To Be With You    The Honey Trees
Barking at the Moon  Jenny Lewis 
Only the Young   Brandon Flowers
Dog Days Are Over  Florence and the Machine

I really love this playlist!

I was blogging up a storm today so here are the other two posts I did:


I blogged about baking Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies on 
the foodie blog


  1. uncharted--yes my new favorite she is so magical!

  2. i love the songs you post on your playlists. it's fun to discover new songs! uncharted is my new favorite (i maybe go running to it on 'repeat' sometimes!) thanks for the great suggestions!


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