Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Buck For Summer's Dad

dear blog readers,
thank you so much for your kind comments and tweets yesterday.
the cheered me up.

it was a long day,
but a good nights sleep and good work out this morning have me feeling so much better.

in fact, i went to the craft store this morning to buy a sketch pad 
and picked up a pumpkin candle to cheer myself up.
then when the cashier asked if I wanted to donate $1 to the boys and girls club, i said yes.
because people have it SO much worse then I do.
and i want to help in whatever way i can.
which brings me to this:

I have read Summer Brown's blog for the longest time.
She is one of the most amazing women I know.
She is kind and loyal and will make an amazing mother one day.
She is one of those really genuine people who you would love to be friends with.

Her daddy is sick.
He has cancer.
He is out of work.
A few weeks ago she asked for help.

Click here and read this post.
I am sending out a handmade card and a few dollars to him today.
If you can, please do the same and help him out.
If you can't afford it, please check out Summer's blog and send some well wishes to her family!
the amazing thing?
for every dollar her dad receives, she's donating an hour of volunteer work to various organizations

thanks so much everyone.
i think the blog world can be amazing sometimes and I love how everyone is coming together to help him out!

i'll be back later

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