Friday, September 17, 2010

Bad Day

i'm back from camping.
let's just say it was everything but amazing

everything that could have gone wrong went wrong.
think 40 degrees.
pouring rain.
gross cabins and food.
too many uphill climbs
bugs crawling into ears
skunks that attack

really, i couldn't wait to be home.
and then into my car at school and dropped my iphone, completely shattering the screen.

icing on the cake right?

i decided to go take my sister for ice cream to cheer us up.
pull in perfectly fine.
only to have some old, crazy guy scream at me claiming i scratched his car.
i did not scratch his car.
i didn't touch his car.
i know.  my sister backed me up.
my car didn't even come close to his car.

he screamed and drove off.
didn't even take my info, which just proves he knew i didn't scratch it, he just felt like screaming at me.
way too much for me to handle right now.

needless to say there was no ice cream.
i went home crying.

i need a shower.
and a nap.

maybe tomorrow will be better.


  1. Tomorrow WILL be better!!! Just keep thinking that.

  2. aaww, i'm sorry, sweetie :(
    i wishing you only lovely things for tomorrow! <3


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