Saturday, September 18, 2010


this afternoon my grandma and i were looking through photos in my living room.
my focus for ap art has to do with photographs 
(i plan on either capturing the emotion of love or happiness- i haven't decided yet)
anyway, my parents have always been huge on taking pictures and capturing moments, which i am so grateful for

*I took pictures of all the pictures with my iphone, which is somehow still holding onto life after the shattering fall.  some of the photos have a glare, so i apologize*

great fashion sense, right?  i have a pair of mustard tights today

i look so serious

my grandparents, who were married over 40 years, at my parents wedding 21 years ago

17 years ago

classic jackie

is it bad to say i really want that outfit?

my first boyfriend... don't i look happy?

my gorgeous mom

my first running race with my dad!

love this picture of me

the girls.

please see my last post to help out a dear blog friend.

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