Saturday, January 16, 2010

help haiti

the catastrophic earthquake that happened this week in haiti has hit all too close to home.
i'm still in shock over what has happened.
it's heartbreaking what has happened in such an impoverished country.
two of my friends have family in haiti right now.
these are two of the world's sweetest people, and knowing what they're going through saddens me.

the owner of a running store near my house brings shoes to the children of Haiti all the time.
i always admired his work.
i looked at the pictures of the children in Haiti and fell in love with them.

Haitians hardly know where to begin searching through the rubble in Port-au-Prince.
photo credit:

there are so many ways to help the people of haiti right now.

love, taza is donating all proceeds of her headbands to doctors without borders.
**update: they are currently sold out.  such an amazing response from kind people!  but, she said she'll restock this week!

with love is planning on opening up soon, with purchase donated to the red cross.

The Sunday Collective is donating 50% of all proceeds from prints to Haitian relief.

of course, you can donate directly to

the running store i mentioned above works with this organization.  click here to make a donation to the Aslan Youth Ministries Haiti Relief Fund.

also, i'm considering opening up The Purple Monkey etsy store next weekend, a little early.  all of these amazing people have inspired me to do so!  for the next couple of weeks after the grand opening, i'd donate proceeds to Haiti.

it would just be photography and art prints for now, but every little bit helps right?

to see some of my artwork click here.
to see some of my photography, click here (photo wall).

would anyone be interested in my shop?
let me know!

i'll be back later tonight :)



  1. thanks for the shout out love:) i know even the smallest bit helps so all of us pulling together will make a difference!

  2. I am so sorry that your friends are going through this right now. I have been making donations and I plan on donating other items as well. That is great that you are donating from your upcoming store, we need to keep helping Haiti and the people in this sad awful time.


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