Sunday, July 14, 2013

Hello Home!

Hello!! I can't believe it's been two months since I've posted here.  Sorry for all of the blog silence while I was on my little European adventure.  I'm not kidding when I say that I barely had time to relax during my two months over there.  The thought of compiling all the pictures together and posting made me have a bit of a panic attack, so I just figured I'd take a little blogger break and fill you all in upon my return.

Anyway, I'm back in America!  I can not believe how fast my time in the UK went.  When I first arrived, I was terrified that I would be unable to do it.  I almost felt paralyzed by the fear that I would be so homesick.

But it truly was the adventure of a lifetime.  I did think I never thought I would do- climbed a cliff, stayed in a hostel, went trapezing, ran 888 steps up the Gherkin- and saw things that I have always dreamt about but never actually thought I would experience- stonehenge, the berlin wall, the guinness factory.  

I touched down in Newark last night after my 7 hour flight from Heathrow, and it felt so nice to sleep in my own bed with my puppy.  I didn't realize how exhausting the entire experience would be.... for the entire two months I never had one day of just relaxing.  Every single day was spent either at work, in class, or exploring the city I grew to love.

In two months I visited 5 countries, all of which I cannot wait to share with you!  I explored Scotland, Germany, France, Ireland, and of course, many, many cities in England.  

As happy I am to be back stateside, I 100% feel like I am a changed person.  I definitely left a little piece of my heart back in London.  After all, after spending 2 months there I definitely feel like it was my home (even just temporarily).

For now, I am going to unpack, play with Zoe, and adjust to the scorching humidity.  But I will be back tomorrow (and everyday this week) with more pictures then you know what to do with!!


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