Monday, May 27, 2013

start of classes and south kensington

on thursday, after three days of exploring, we started our class here in london.  the class i'm taking is called healthcare in the us and uk.  it's about the differences in our healthcare system and it's so interesting.  

while i'm not a fan of the area where my dorm is, the area where my class is is a whole other story.  as soon as you walk out of the tube, you are surrounded by gorgeous white town homes and little cafes and bakeries.  i am in love.

i've already found the cutest cafe, where on friday morning i grabbed coffee and some porridge (english oatmeal) before class.  i also love exploring all of the side streets that this town has to offer.


the photographs don't do it justice.  i'll have to make sure to take more this week after class. xo 

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