Monday, July 15, 2013

Notting Hill and Kensington Palace

One thing I noticed while in London was that each area is completely different.  Notting Hill is no exception and quickly became one of my favorite locations, if only for its different colored homes.  My best friend Stephanie has family in London, and when she heard I would be there for the summer quickly booked a trip there my first week to help me get settled.  
We stumbled across a little pub, called Churchhill Arms.  The pub is not known for its traditional pub fare, however, but rather for the thai it serves in the back.  Thai in a pub?  I know, I was skeptical as well.  But it was THE BEST THAI EVER.  Hands down.  Stephanie may have only been there a week, but it quickly became one of my favorite places.

While in the area, we walked down to Kensington Palace, and took a tour of the inside.  I definitely could have done without the tour, but I think the cute embroidered pillows made up for it.

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