Thursday, July 18, 2013

Edinburgh, Scotland

I am currently re-capping my two months abroad, which include the time I spent living in London.  Please bear with me as I share all of my adventures with you! xo

Oh Scotland.  Edinburgh was the first out of the country place we visited, and I never will forget my 48 hours there.  I was obsessed with for one, because it was the birth place of one of my favorite series, Harry Potter.  However, I loved it's culture, charm, and beauty.  

While there, we did Sandman's New Walking Tours.  If you are ever in Edinburgh and want to do an AMAZING tour, check out this.  Best part?  It's totally free.

On the tour we saw everything from the graveyard where Tom Riddle is buried to the Edinburgh Castle.  I could tell you so much history about this city, it's not even funny.

That night we did their pub crawl, and let me say this:
What happens in Edinburgh on the pub crawl stays in Edinburgh on the pub crawl.

It was a ton of fun, I will say that.

If you're in England and want to get out of the city, Edinburgh is so easy.  We chose to fly and we went from London to the Edinburgh airport in under an hour!  xo

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