Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Buckingham Palace and Tower of London

I am currently re-capping my two months abroad, which include the time I spent living in London.  Please bear with me as I share all of my adventures with you! xo

 It was a rainy day when we went to see the palace, and unfortunately changing of the guards was cancelled so I never did get to see that.  I still found it really magnificent to be able to see the palace where the Queen lives.  I actually began to wonder if she ever peers out one of those windows to watch the guard change or to see the people gather....

The day we went to Tower of London was equally as rainy (notice a trend here?), but it was really cool to see.  If you ever go to London, definitely check out the Crown of Jewels, which are currently housed here.  I couldn't take a picture of them, but they were magnificent in person.  

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  1. Oh, yes definitely not a surprise seeing rain in the UK! Its a shame you missed the sunshine we had the past few weeks, it was amazing! That's so cool you saw the crown jewels, I've never actually seen them, I didn't realise you could! Glad you had fun, looks like an amazing trip :)


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