Monday, August 12, 2013

London Part Three {and where I've been}

i know, i know, i have been mia again the last few weeks.  sometimes life throws you in a million directions and it leaves blogging and sharing adventures pretty impossible.  see, first my laptop broke, which meant a trip to apple and a nice hefty chunk of money for that.   so no blogging.  then my grandma got super sick in florida and i flew down to take care of her.  (she's doing wonderfully now though).  so being a nurse means no blogging.  and well then i took another little adventure down to bermuda, sans laptop, so again, no blogging.

i'm back now!  to speed up these london posts i'll be grouping a lot of events into one post.  i mean, i still have all of europe, my birthday, and bermuda to share with you guys!

^^ One day we took a trip over to Bath (about an hour from london), and saw the Roman baths.  Is it bad that I was more excited by the fancy park then the baths?  I am not cut out for city life, you guys.   I missed grass.  

^^Another day we went on over to Westminster Abbey.  The place is gorgeous.  I am a HUGE Kate and William fan and it was really awesome that I got to literally stand where they got married.  The inside pic I took is totally illegal (no cameras inside) so shhhh don't tell.
 ^^ Big Ben.  Just because.  I literally love that clock.
^^ Tower bridge is my favorite bridge.  I mean what could live up to that?

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