Thursday, February 21, 2013

on letting go of negativity

i've never been someone who can go with the flow in certain aspects of my life.  i tend to hold on to the negative things people say or do towards me.  i let stress get to me and eat me alive.
i know it's not healthy, but anxiety is something i have always dealt with.

the past two weeks have tested my body and how it deals with anxiety.  i've had a few nights were i have tossed and turned for hours.  i have broken down in tears more times then i would like to admit.  

i'm worried about my future.
i'm having minor, stupid issues with friends.
i'm worrying about leaving the country for two months this summer.

all of these things i can't really control.  
one of my new year's goals was to learn to say "no" and to get rid of the negativity that surrounds me.  i need to learn to focus on the good aspects of my life and to let the aspects that are a little worse affect me less.  

thankfully, i've been saved this week by friends who mean the world to me.
coffee dates to vent.
nights spent on the couch with just my big lauren, popcorn, and a face mask.
trips to panera for chicken noodle soup.

i saw my body crack under the stress this past weekend when i got the stomach flu for the second time in a week.  i know what my body can and can not handle.  

i'm vowing to do a better job of handling stress this week.  to not become so emotionally upset over every "negative" thing that is said or done to me.  

sometimes i just need to learn to breathe.  


  1. AMEN for that last reminder of remembering to breathe.

    Promising yourself to do a better job at handling stress is the first step in the right direction-- and copious amounts of coffee with girlfriends isn't a bad idea ;)

    hugs! xo

  2. hello! I just discovered your blog and your last post, I was surprised. I am a young mom of Madrid, Spain. And I want to tell you is very important that you are learning to say no. And that is very important to be with people who love you. Cheer up. I apologize for my English. I invite you to visit my blog, if you want. hope you like, and you can leave your comment if you wish. Have a lovely day. Phibi.greetings.


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