Thursday, February 7, 2013

life lately {according to instagram}

life lately has been full of appreciating friends and enjoying the little things.  my workload as been pretty light since it's only the second week of classes, which has left plenty of time for little joys.  
i will forever be grateful for the amazing friends that i have made at school.  i go to a tiny school (less then 3,000 people total), and while some people may not love that, i do, and it really is because i have met my best friends in the world here.  

one am picture with the girls in the snow // one of my best friends aimee
big and little love 
edible arrangement from my parents 

my roommate and best friend 
                              IMG_4797     IMG_4840
                           my four best friends from freshman year // new wall art from girl and parrot

for those who are wondering, my white top is from anthropologie, my black top is from rebecca taylor, and my black bag is from marc jacobs.  

what have you been up to lately? xo


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