Wednesday, February 6, 2013

february necessities

i'm absolutely amazed that we are already through out first month of 2013.  i'm still righting 2012 on many of the papers i've been handing in by accident.  oops!
i'm not going to lie, january is my least favorite month.  it's cold and lonely and there's nothing to really look forward to once new years passes.  while february is still freezing and dark, there's that glimpse of hope knowing it's short and that march (and the possibility of warmer weather) is right around the corner.
here are some things that i consider a necessity to get me through february

1.  rag and bone boots: these were a christmas splurge and i'm so happy i purchased them.  they spice up my wardrobe just a little bit.
2.  sugar advanced therapy lip balm: my lips get so dry during the colder months, so this moisturizes while giving a glossy shine.
3.  vince cardigan: i got this on sale in black and it's the warmest thing I own.  i can pair it was yoga pants for a lounge day or dress it up with skinny jeans for venturing out.
4.  fresh sea berry face oil: i never thought i'd want to put oil on my face, but this is light and airy and offers just the right amount of moisture.  in fact, i've noticed far less breakouts since i've started using this.
5.  cover girl nail polish in mint mojito: when february is cold, i like to add a bright blue to my nails to get me happy again.  i'm loving this one right now.

what are you needing right now?  xo 


  1. I am just crazy about those rag and bone boots! That was a very great christmas splurge :-) Sugar is just the best and so necessary for these cold temperatures!


    1. i love them too :) and sugar is my absolute go to! xo


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