Monday, February 4, 2013

last one, fast one.


this past saturday i finished my season of swimming.  technically it was my first complete season, since last year i got injured two months in and was out the entire season.

it's funny looking back on the past year and everything i've done since i got my cast off.  i got my cast off this time last year and vowed i would do everything possible to make sure i was in shape for this season.

truth be told, i had my doubts.  people say never say never, but i never believed i would become a division one college athlete.  i say it a lot in my head, because, not to toot my own horn, but i'm so proud of getting this far.
i remember november of 2011 to february 2012 being some of the darkest months of my life.  i was so incredibly discouraged by the fact that i wasn't able to swim, much less work out at all.  i gained more then ten pounds, which affected my social life as well because i wasn't comfortable in my skin. looking back, i just wasn't happy, and people tell me now that they could see that i wasn't happy.

i slowly worked throughout the spring to get back into shape, but it was the past summer that my spirit for working out came back again.  i woke up before six five mornings a week to hit the gym.  it was so hard, but everything i did over the summer contributes to the success i had this season.

there are doubts in life with everything we do.  i know i doubt myself all the time, even though i shouldn't.  i doubted my ability to be a college athlete.  but when i got out of the pool on saturday, my time four seconds faster then it was even just in november (my best time ever, might i add) i didn't have doubts anymore.

everything i worked so hard for paid off.  the early morning workouts, the hours of swimming, the pain, the physical therapy, the cortisone shots.... it all paid off.  

i really do believe that you can accomplish your dreams if you work hard.  it may take awhile, i mean it took me from february last year to now to finally realize it, but it pays off in the end.  

i look at my mama everyday for inspiration.  she never doubts me.  in fact, four years ago she saw me run a half marathon and vowed to take up running.  last weekend she finished her fifth half.  she's amazing.

the point is, no matter what you put your mind to, dreams can come true.  you may have to work your ass off, but they happen.  whether it be starting a new business, losing ten pounds, or finishing a college athletic season, you can accomplish your goals.

i'm beyond proud of the fact that i accomplished mine this past weekend.

excuse me while i go take a few days off from exercising and lay in my bed watching movies.  i think it's well deserved.  

have you ever made a goal and been surprised at yourself for accomplishing it?
what are some of your long-term goals? xo 

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