Monday, January 14, 2013

it's the little things.

i'm not going to lie.... training camp is hard.  like really, really hard.  not just physically hard, but mentally hard too.  it's tough to get through one practice a day, but two is a whole other story.  lucky, this past week we were in florida which made it much easier.  florida training trip is notoriously known as the hardiest week of camp and i can now say i successfully made it through!  it was challenging, but i'm proud of accomplishing it.  now we're back on campus for two weeks before classes start, but i get to go home on friday which i am really looking forward to.

here are some little things that i have been appreciating that made the past week(ish) a little easier.

1. palm trees everywhere
2.  days spent lounging by the pool
3.  night swimming... possibly my new favorite thing
4.  reinforcing "the little things" motto
5.  new sweaters {i have the coolest grandma... thank you for the christmas gift!}
6.  trips to wawa for my favorite candy- sour patch watermelon
7.  pedicures + dunkin coffee
8.  catching up on my favorite shows in between practices 

what little things are you loving this week?  i'm also super excited for the bachelor tonight.... all the swimmer girls are getting together to watch!


  1. oooo laying out in the sun sounds quite lovely right about now:)

  2. Laying in the sun or just seeing the sun on a regular basis sounds perfect this time of year.

    1. i agree!! something about a little bit of sun can completely change your mood

  3. Love that sweater! (obviously :)) This week I'm loving having roommates that cook for me, and getting to spend time with a sweet little dog.

    undeniable style


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