Wednesday, December 12, 2012

look at how far you've come.

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remember this post? the one where i vowed to get back in shape after two season-ending injuries last year.
true, i wrote about it.  but i never actually thought i would get to a point where i would feel good about the sport, or my body, again.  at least, i didn't think i'd be back in shape by the end of this year.

this time last year, i was in a boot.  i was three pounds heavier then i normally am (little did i know i'd gain another three or four pounds).  i wasn't happy, but who would be in a cast and crutches?

now, a year later, i've lost 8 pounds.  i am happy with my training.  i have competed in two division one college meets.  this past weekend, i completed the record board challenge at my school, where we do every. single. event on the record board for time.

the other morning i woke up at 4:30 because it was the only time i would be able to work out.  
i never thought i would have that type of motivation back.

a while ago i wrote this post about strength.  i've always known i was physically strong.  as an athlete my entire life, i've always known i could complete the sets i was given.

but this past year has made me realize i am mentally strong as well.  i may not be the thinnest or prettiest girl.  i may not be a size zero.  i may cry at multiple greys anatomy episodes.  i may sometimes eat icing straight out of the container.  i don't always say or do the right things.  

but if this past year, which has given me two deaths, a broken food, and a major car accident, has shown me anything.... it's that i am strong.  it's that i can get through anything and come out on top.

saturday afternoon, as i lay exhausted in bed after the record board challenge, i realized just how far I have come.  

this is coming from the girl who was told she would never be a college athlete.  this is coming from the girl who used to be told she had no backbone.

coming into college, i never expected to be thrown some of the curveballs i have been thrown.  but i am beyond grateful for the hardships.  i've come so far and i am so proud of that fact.
i'm not trying to toot my own horn here.  i'm just trying to say this:
you can literally do anything you set your mind to.
you can make goals and watch them happen.
if you set your mind to something, and work hard, things really do happen.

i am a college athlete.  and i have more strength then i ever thought i would have.  and that means more to me then anything ever has.  

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