Tuesday, April 24, 2012

back in shape.

I've always been very athletic, so it was no surprise to most of my friends and family when I decided to continue my athletic career in college.  The problem is, this year was nothing like I had hoped.  From a shoulder injury to a broken foot that left me unable to train (or even exercise beyond abs and leg weights) for three months, I went from being in the best shape of my life to the worst shape of my life in what felt like no time.

By the time February rolled around (I had been in a walking boot with strict instructions not to do any training with risk of needing surgery), I was beyond anxious to get back to doing something.  I was five pounds heavier then I was before my broken foot, and was determined to get back into shape.  

Officially, I have until August to be back in the kind of shape I was in prior to my season-ending injuries. But I'm trying everyday to get back to the shape I was in as soon as possible so I can be in even better shape then I was.

Here is an example of my workouts weekly.  They're a lot less intense then in-season, and a lot less intense then what I'm normally doing, but I think it's working pretty well right now considering the year I've had.

run/ three-four miles
swim/ one hour

six am team lift/ forty-five minutes
run/ five miles

swim/ one hour and a half
*this is more of a recovery day*

seven am team lift/ forty-five minutes
run/ three miles
swim/ one hour 

run/ five and a half miles 
weight/abdominal workout/ half hour 

run/ three miles
or take off 

swim/ one hour
or take off 

*I usually take saturday or sunday completely off*

This is just a little bit of my schedule.  Of course sometimes life gets in the way and I have to change it around to fit classes, exams, meetings, etc, but I think it's important to really work for what you want and to stay committed to what you signed up for.


  1. Hope you are recovering well, sounds like you've got working out pretty well planned, i need a plan like this! Just wondering, what is team lift? Good luck with it all! :D

  2. Very intersting! follow each other darling?:X



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