Wednesday, October 24, 2012

on being strong.

Reasons to be fit

when i was younger, i struggled a lot with body image issues and briefly had a not-so-serious-but-could-have-become-serious eating disorder.  being a swimmer who was constantly in a tight bathing suit or bikini in the summer made me extremely self conscious about the way I look.  especially when i hit puberty, I had trouble accepting my new body.

at the beginning of high school, i associated being fit with being skinny.  i swam to stay thin.  and i considered pretty girls to be the stick thin models you see in magazines.  

now, i have come to realize that "pretty" isn't stick thin.  instead, i think strength is absolutely stunning. swimming in college taught me that being strong is beautiful.  i hit the weight room twice a week.  i love my muscle.  and i now swim to stay strong and healthy.

i think it's really important to teach kids now that they don't need to be stick thin.  i think it's important to recognize what your body can do.  a stick thin woman can't run a half marathon.  do a triathlon.  a strong, athletic woman CAN.

that's why i'm such a huge supporter of athletics.  and one day, when i have kids, i will strongly encourage them to try out for sports.  besides making friends, staying healthy, and staying stress free, athletics teach kids to be strong, not too skinny.

what is your favorite way to stay in shape?  do you believe in being strong whether then skinny? xo

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