Thursday, October 18, 2012

life lately {the good, the bad, and the ugly}

i honestly didn't mean to not post for the last {almost two} week.  but sometimes life gets in the way and life certainly wanted to test me the past two weeks.

Good: I went home for fall break.  It was nice getting to spend time with my family.  My dad and I watched the Giants game (SO happy they won) and I saw the movie Pitch Perfect with my little sister.  I ate a lot of homemade goodies and went shopping with my Mama.  It was perfect.
Bad: For the first time in 15 years my baby girl wasn't there.  It was really hard not waking up to Izzy and I definitely shed a few tears.

Good: I got to spend father-daughter time at the shooting range.  I'm a total tomboy in the fact that I love shooting guns at the gun range.  With freshly painted nails, of course.  

Good: I finally got the iPhone 5!  I absolutely love it and can finally take pictures (including gorgeous selfies) again.

Wonderful: It was big/little week!  We had four days of gifts and surprises.  This was day one!

 Day Two!  It was American theme and she got me a hamburger and onion rings- my favorite!
 Day Three!  Fiesta theme.... complete with lime tortilla chips.
 Day Four: Hands down the best day.  Everything was covered in glitter and lights.  Let me just say.... glitter never leaves.
My big, Lauren, is literally amazing and we are so perfect together!
Ugly:  And now comes the scariest moment of my life.  On Tuesday evening my two friends and I were coming back to campus from the food store when we took a wrong turn coming out of the parking lot.  I went into someone's driveway to turn around, and then stopped to look both ways.  A car on my left saw me, stopped, and waved me to go.  I looked to my right and no one was coming.  So I obviously pulled all the way and put my gear into drive preparing to turn away when some girl drove 55 mph into the passenger side of my car.  She said she didn't us and apologized for not paying attention.  The cops suspect that she had been texting.  The car were jerked pretty hard.  Two of my friends have concussion and I can't turn my neck and have a bruised back.  It was literally the scariest thing ever and we spent five hours in the hospital getting x-rays and cat scans. 
Luckily we are all okay and our injuries are minor compared to what could have happened.  If it had been a truck the cops said we would be dead.

Thank you for anyone who has tweeted and sent prayers to us!  We'll be fine but it's just another lesson to not text and drive!!


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