Wednesday, August 1, 2012

lucky number seven

in between packing and getting ready for my trip, i'm linking up with one of my blog sponsor's, gentri lee, for her "seven questions" series!  head on over to her blog to link up as well and be sure to let me know in the comments if you did!

It's the first day of August- Are you savoring the Summer or ready to jump into Fall?
I'm savoring the last month of summer.  As much as I am looking forward to layered clothing, I know that by December I'm going to be ready for the beach again.  Plus, I'm a total summer girl, so I have no problem dressing in flirty dresses and sandals.  

You need a quick and healthy meal, what do you make?
I usually am in need of a quick and healthy meal in the morning, so I usually make a protein smoothie or oatmeal with peaches for breakfast.  Salads are always a good meal when it comes to lunch and dinner.  

You're at the mall, how do you shop?
I actually hate the mall and would much rather go to smaller boutiques or outdoor shopping centers.  If I have to go to the mall, I stick with my favorite stores and go from there.

Would you rather buy a new house or renovate an old one?
I would so much rather renovate an old home then buy a new one.  I think that older homes have much more character and a lot of the newer homes look very cookie-cutter.  Of course, it would be great to design a home from scratch!

Long hair or short hair?
Long, of course!

Who is your oldest (not by age) friend?
My oldest friends would definitely be my friends Julie and Carly.  We started to swim together when we were seven or eight and now (more then ten years later) we're still super close!  Funny story -- my dad went to high school with Julie's mom and then college Carly's dad! Even funnier is that they didn't realize it until they met when my dad picked me up from a play date when I was little.

What is your favorite blog- currently?
I have SO many favorites... but I've always been super obsessed with the Daybook and Rockstar Diaries.  Then again, who isn't?  


  1. Daybook and Rockstar Diaries. Classics. :)
    You ladies look so cute in the last pic!

  2. i have been seeing these everywhere, i love it. and seriously the rockstar diaries and the daybook are definitely my all time favorites. obsessed!
    xo TJ


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