Tuesday, July 31, 2012


my summer runs.  caramel chocolates.  having my grandma visiting.  summer thunderstorms.  hard nightly workouts with my trainer.  
bloom, by kelle hampton.
the olympics!  especially swimming (obviously) and gymnastics.  as a swimmer, i'm beyond proud to have michael phelps basically represent the sport of swimming.  also, i think missy franklin is probably the biggest rockstar ever.  i'm surprisingly enjoying beach volleyball and water polo, which i think is totally underrated.  
thinking about.
this next year.  i'm starting my sophomore year of college and it's going to be incredibly busy but i'm beyond excited for the year.  as soon as i get home from europe i have a week before i go back!
my trip, of course!
working on.
my fitness.  i'm working on getting in really kick ass shape for this season.  

what are you up to this week? xo


  1. have fun on your trip! i just got back from europe two weeks ago. it was a good time.

    i'm happy i found your blog. xx

  2. i've really gotten into the swimming this year. i normally just watch the gymnastics. but seriously, everything has been amazing for the USA! great picture girl!
    xo TJ


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