Monday, July 30, 2012

away we go.

i don't think i've mentioned this here yet, but this week is a very special week for me.
on friday i'm leaving to go to......

EUROPE (!!!!)

...... for fifteen days.

I'll be heading to italy, spain, france, and monte carlo for two weeks.  i absolutely can't wait to spend time with my family, eat amazing food, and take in the sights that europe has to offer.

in honor of my trip, i'm posting some of my favorite memories from past trips!

 {florida, march 2012}: i got to go to florida with two of my best friends from school for spring break this year.  we had so much relaxing at the beach for a few days and i think it made us all a little closer.
{milan, august 2011) last summer we spent two weeks in italy and switzerland.  milan was our first stop and it was incredible to experience one of the most fashionable cities in the world.  i may or may not have walked away with a pair of designer shoes.... ;)
{lake como, august 2011} we also went to lake como in italy, which in my experience was simply breathtaking.  i dream about this view.
we also had a floating pool there, which was interesting to say the least.
while in lake como, we took a cooking class.  i learned how to make homemade pastas, such as the ravioli pictured above.  it was delicious!
{lausanne, switzerland, august 2011} i fell in love with lausanne in switzerland.  one memorable moment?  walking up a huge hill to get to the center of town.  what a workout! 
{geneva, switzerland, august 2011} we only spent one night in geneva, but were surprised by fireworks during our stay.  the were by far the most beautiful fireworks i've ever seen.
{athens, greece, august 2010} i will never forget this view from athens.  
i loved the history in athens.  i had always wanted to visit the acropolis so i was excited to check that off my to do list!
{patmos, greece, august 2010} patmos was what you picture greece to be.... white houses with blue roofs.  it was beautiful!
i wanted to stay forever.  
{istanbul, turkey, august 2010} surprisingly, i loved turkey more then greece.  one of the funniest moments was sitting on these ancient toilets! 
the hagia sophia was simply spectacular.  
i love these vacations because i get to spend time with my family.
{paris, april 2010} my school took my junior class to paris when i was in high school!  what a dream come true.  i would love to go back again.  
 {maui, hawaii, august 2009} i swear hawaii looks just like a postcard!  we found this deserted beach and i'm so glad we did.
look how young i look!  i can't believe that was three years ago.  i had just turned sixteen.

sorry for the picture overload!  what's your favorite vacation? xo


  1. if you need any madrid advice... lemme know girl!

  2. if you need any madrid advice... lemme know girl!

  3. What an amazing way to spend time with family while exploring the world. I just took a weekend trip to Rome and had the best time.


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