Thursday, August 2, 2012


every four years the summer olympics come around and i could not be any more in love with it.  i obviously love watching the swimming, but i've been totally into gymnastics and beach volleyball this year too.  i become totally obsessed with it.  i constantly check twitter for updates, i have the nbc olympics app on my phone that allows me to watch events live, and i stay up every night to watch the recaps.  today i was driving to the dentist when i realized the michael phelps/ ryan lochte matchup was on.  i immediately pulled over, loaded the nbc app, and luckily caught the race just in time.  like i said, a little obsessed.

one of my favorite blogs, a cup of jo, shared these olympic photos the other day and i love the emotion they capture.  not only do i love the olympics because they represent our country, but as an athlete myself i'm well aware of the amount of work and determination these athletes put in every single day.  while i'm no where near up to their level, i have so much respect for them for the training they put in.

If you all are in the mood to watch more swimming, please cheer on my good friend Connor Jaeger as he competes tomorrow in the 1500 meter swim!  He'll be swimming live at five thirty am eastern time and if he makes the final eight will be competing in finals on saturday.  It's such an exciting and emotional time for all of us who know him!! xo

UPDATE:  Connor is the ONLY American to make finals for tomorrow night!!! Number 7!!! Everyone PLEASE watch and support him!  I'm SO proud of him.  xo

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photo credits from  nbc news.  

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