Monday, August 13, 2012

guest post: alivia, brunch in april

while i'm away in europe, i have some seriously wonderful women guest posting about their travel essentials or their favorite trip.  please be sure to check out their lovely blogs and i'll be back mid-august with many stories to tell! xo


I've been reading Alivia's blog, Brunch in April, for awhile now and she's actually one of my sponsors.  Her writing is just incredible and honest and I think that's why I love her blog so much.  I'm loving her new series, He Said/ She Said, right now.  It's so funny to read and I think that idea is so creative, which is exactly what Alivia is! 

Hello, Purple Monkey readers! I'm Alivia, from Brunch in April. So happy to be sharing my travel essentials today :) 
I tried to think of my past travel experiences and what I loved, hated, and wish I had. If I forgot anything (surely I did), leave a note in the comments for everyone!

Here we go.
Make Up Remover Wipes(or baby wipes): Plane air is recycled air, and my skin always ends up feeling tight and dry in the middle of a flight. Simply splashing with water makes me look like a melted-mascara zombie, and actually dries my skin out more. Using these help me feel much fresher and a whole lot less cranky. I usually buy baby wipes because they are cheaper and can be used for multiple things, like impromptu hand washing, etc.
A pen and some paper. Lists, notes, songs you listened to, documenting, foreign language notes/cheats, blogging ideas!, new friend contact many things you should write down while traveling!
Mints and/or gum and/or a toothbrush. 14 hour flight? Yeah. You'll need these.

Slippers or socks. If I'm on a plane, even for 20 minutes (whaa?), I need my legs curled under me. Same thing with car rides. Thick cotton socks (the uglier the better, I say) are my go-to, but these crochet slippers look delightful!

Jewelry that goes with everything. I find earrings make a so-so outfit look put together, and if you're dressing up, you don't need another pair of super fancy ones-- just something to go with everything!

Organizing bags. I find travel FAR less stressful when I know where stuff is. Little bags or folders for jewelry, make up, toiletries, paperwork, cameras, and other miscellaneous items.
A bag with a lot of space and/or compartments. Continuing along the lines of organization, I love finding a bag that can serve as a purse, carry on, and camera bag, depending on what you need at the moment. I try finding bags that go with everything-- you don't want your suitcase space taken up by other big bags! That's silly.
No brainers: Passport/ID, comfortable shoes, plane tickets, a cute travel companion (or not! have an independent adventure-- it's worth it!), sunscreen, ipod/charger, and a photo of your dog. 
Or maybe that last one is just me...

Thanks, lovelies! Come by Brunch in April and say hello!
xo, Alivia


  1. This is a great list! I've never done the sock/slipper thing on a plane or in a car, but that's a really great way to stay comfy! So doing that next time.

  2. Thanks for having me, Jackie :)


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