Friday, August 10, 2012

guest post: emily, pushups with polish

while i'm away in europe, i have some seriously wonderful women guest posting about their travel essentials or their favorite trip.  please be sure to check out their lovely blogs and i'll be back mid-august with many stories to tell! xo

I first started reading Emily's blog, Pushups with Polish, a few months ago and instantly fell in love.  She was a swimmer in college, so I related to all of her posts.  What I love about her blog is that she mixes fashion, food, and beauty with fitness.  She proves that being strong is beautiful and in my opinion is a true inspiration! 

If you're a lucky duck like Jackie and get to take a vacation this summer, then please take a photo for meeee. Also, don't forget to pack this little bag of beauty essentials. With 'em you'll look like Kim K. stepping off her jet plane. 
Mints: "Dirty Mouth? Clean it up!" Mints are kinda important for you and the person sitting next to you. You probably won't want to brush those pearly whites with airplane water so simply pop a mint!
Nude Polish: If you're like me, having a manicure is essential. I always like to chose a lighter color when I'm traveling because chipping is is forgetting the nail polish remover.
Concealer: Lets get real ladies, dark circles exist, especially after a long flight. I don't like to load on the makeup when I fly so a concealer stick is perfect for covering up imperfections without heavy coverage. 
Lip Balm: I'm a lip balm junkie. Traveling tends to dry out everything, so keeping this close to make sure your peckers aren't the first to flake. 
Makeup Case: Make TSA jealous that they will have to look through something this cute. 
Hand Sanitizer: Yes, it is ok to kill germs. 
Hair Ties: For when your hair doesn't look as "fly" when you step off the plane. 
H2O Spray: A little spritz will freshen you up. It will also feel ohhh so good after that stale airplane air.
Tinted Balm: This is my miracle product because it has so many uses! Use it to add color to your lips and/or as a blush.

For more fitness, fashion, and beauty tips, check out Pushups with!  
xxo Em 

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