Friday, July 20, 2012

summer essentials: fashion wish list

this summer essentials post is one of my favorites!  because, of course, it has to do with fashion.  i love fashion and a significant part of paychecks unfortunately go to my addiction.  

for summer, i like easy and breezy pieces that can easy go from day to night.  when it comes to fashion in the summer, there is absolutely no time for fuss.  the following pieces are statement pieces in themselves, so you don't need anything extra to spice up the outfit.  here are my favorites.

four.  five.  

summer essentials is an ongoing series that highlights what i consider to be the essential things for summer.  want to contribute to the series?  email me at  you can view past summer essentials posts here (beauty) and here (food).  


update:  i scheduled this to post last night before i became aware of the terrible tragedy that occurred in colorado last night.  all of the victims and their families are in my thoughts and prayers this weekend.  there is no reason that that should have ever happened and it is just an all too painful reminder that life is way too short.  so as you go about your weekend festivities, please try to say a prayer for all those affected.  also, check out this beautifully written post.  i think it sums up everything we are all thinking right now. xo

update, update: no surgery for me!  thank you all for the kind wishes.  they must have worked!!

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